Sunday, April 16, 2006

Zimpundit to Move

A little over year ago I moved my writings to and started the Zimpundit blog. Since then you the reader have made this one of Zimbabwe's most read blog. And because you have passed word onto to friends, peers, and family, I have been able to hookup with some really neat people out there. For that I am truly thankful .

One of those people I have come to know and admire Curt Hopkins of the Committee to Protect Bloggers. Curt along with the rest of the committee, Marshall Kirkpatrick and Brian Schartz have graciously extended me an offer I cannot resist; assuming editorial control of the Enough is Enough superblog.

Enough is Enough (EiE-- is going to be Zimbabwe's first "super blog." In addition to my regular posts, you will be able to find a wealth of information in different multimedia formats from a variety of vantage points including other Zimbloggers, observers, and Zimbabweans abroad. In Curt's words, "Enough is Enough is designed to act as a blog aggregator, an information exchange for concerned Zimbabweans within the country, and a “bridge blog” to carry the news in that country (now completely devoid of an independent press) to the outside world."

Enough is Enough is NOT affiliated with either Sokwanele ( or Zvakwana ( but will collaborate with both as necessary.

So after more than a year long stint on blogspot, it's time to move. In a matter of days I will begin my daily posts at I will, for the time being, duplicate those posts at

Enough is Enough is more than just a place for me to voice my opinions, it is a collaborative project to give voice to Zimbabwe's voiceless. So if you have pictures, podcasts, articles, or video to share, I encourage you to do so.

See you at!

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