Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Emboldened Tsvangirai Enchanting Crowds

A very unlike change of tides is afoot in Zimbabwe. At it's center is Morgan Tsvangirai who many of us thought was well on his way to political oblivion. Through last weekend and continuing through the week, Tsvangirai continues to hold rallies accross the country bringing his message that enough is enough. What's different this time compared to the other times the MDC has gone down this beaten path is that he is openly calling for mass disregard of the law.

At Whitecity stadium in Bulawayo (the same rally described by Eddie in the post below), a belligerent Tsvangirai responding to Mugabe's thinly veiled death threat to him a week earlier, said,
"I am prepared to die in order to liberate the people of Zimbabwe from Zanu PF’s misrule. Who are you Mugabe to talk about the death or life of an individual, are you God? Even if I am killed, one thing is certain, all dictators, just like other people, will die. If I die first, I will be waiting for you in heaven and I will ask you if you managed to improve the lives of Zimbabweans"
At another rally last week Tsvangirai publicly denigrated the repressive POSA law which has been wielded to reign in any opposition to the government.

This is the same Tsvangirai who seemed all but done in Zimbabwean politics after the party he founded splintered into two groups. He is the same man who's escaped treason charges (which could have earned him a death sentence) twice in Zimbabwe. And this is the same the same party whose coffers were emptied after split. All of a sudden it seems that MDC, which appeared tamed and permanently fractured is on the mend.

There's hardly any talk about the pther MDC--the prosenate faction--any more. They've cancelled their rallies and of the ones they've held, they've been poorly attnded. As expected these intellects do not have charisma to pull the crowds. They cannot go it alone.

The question is this enough to roll people's anger over? Will the people stand with Tsvangirai when he calls for action or will they wilter away in fear? He's done his part it's our part now to take back what's always been ours.

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