Thursday, March 30, 2006

ZANU-PF's Voice Defunct

ZANU-PF's official party newspaper The Voice, failed to print this week due to crippling debt and rampant theft at the publishing house. Never a popular read, at least not for me or anyone I know, The Voice has been straddled by poor choices in management, and low sales for the longest time. Some of their management's worst faux passe include using a recent 10 billion dollar loan from the Reserve Bank to buy a printing press that prints notebooks, not newsprint. See this.

Don't worry Mugabe & Co. still have a stranglehold over at the Zimpapers stable so they'll still be able to get their propaganda. There's also the national broadcaster, Zimbabwe Broadcasting Holdings, who continue enjoy their 26 year old monopoly in radio and television production. ZBH has proved to be a valuable asset for ZANU--when there is electricity.

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