Thursday, March 23, 2006

Mutambara Takes Aim at Mugabe over Gukurahunde

With Morgan Tsvangirai bent on drumming up civil disobedience (which has been known to turn uncivil in the past), Mugabe & Co now have to deal with the "X" factor in opposition politics--Arthur G. O. Mutambara. Mutambara, the new leader of the "prosenate faction" of the MDC has been known to cause ZANU-PF sleepless nights in the past.

I don't have to rehash the details of his days "pachikomo" (shona slang for 'at the university'). Shades of that Mutambara of old seems to be coming back. Just as he did in the past he isn't mincing his words anymore; he wants compensation for the mass killings of Ndebele's Mugabe ordered soon after independence. Mutambara places fully blames the Mugabe regime for the killings.

Knowing his nostalgic legacy both at the university and across the nation, ZANU-PF bigwigs must ascertain Mutambara is returning to his vintage form. If he is, that spells doom for many of them. As a student, the tough talking Mutambara would back down at nothing when wanted to air his angst about something. Don't forget, he is the first person to galvanise the student movement to violently oppose Mugabe's repressive police.

Someone somewhere deep within the bowels of ZANU-PF is watching AGO wondering if he back to terrorize them again. For if he is, there's a real chance that might be able to incite mutinty especially if he keeps on playing to the long maligned Ndebele minority.

Or is this a farce? Could Arther's long overdue sensitivity to the Ndebele plight be a calculated political ploy meant to garner support among the volatile but potentially unclaimed Ndebele base? After all, anyone who knows the stimy details of Arthur's road to prominence at the university remembers that he led a faction of the student union that was Shona dominated and because of that was unsympathetic to the Ndebele student base. Where were his sympathies then?

Whether he's being genuine or not, it goes without saying he's sentiments find resonance the world over. Most importantly, he's part of a new wave of pressures tightening an already noose around ZANU-PF throat.

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