Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Arm Cache a Political Faux Pas

Yet another conspiracy theory conjured up the Harare government is falling apart as Zimbabwe's police released one of the eight arrested late last week on suspicion of plotting to kill Mugabe. The MDC's Brian James, a treasurer for the party's Manicaland structure was released yesterday, but gagged from spewing details about how porous the investigation still is.

James' release comes after the prosecution suffered a debilitating blow to their case over the weekend. The Standard revealed that Peter Hitschmann, the central suspect is in fact, a licensed arms dealer, which would make it legal for him to bear and store arms.

As their main case has flaundered, the paranoid investigators have thrown in an extra spin to their case alleging that the suspects planned to pour oil on the highway connecting Harare and Mutare shortly before Mugabe was to drive on the road on his way his Birthday celebration in the Eastern town. This would, the cops allege, cause the presidential motorcade to slip which would kill the president.

The only problem with this is that most people in Zimbabwe know Mugabe does not drive long distances, he flies. If the motorcade is there, it is merely a facade. In these days of dire fuel shortages, I doubt the mile long motorcade was rolled out all the way to Mutare at all.

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