Tuesday, March 07, 2006

ZANU-PF: "Mutambara's a FED!"

Remember this? Turns out Mugabe & Co. don't think so highly of Mutambara after all especially after he's confirmed that he's back for real. Over the weekend Didymus Mutasa, a higher up in ZANU-PF and minister with a trifactor of portfolios, lashed out against Mutambara's claims of patriotism in a show of ZANU-PF's uncanny detection of unpatriotism in anyone who opposes them.

Said Mutasa at a belated Mugabe birthday bash in Tengwe over the weekend,
“Musatyisidzirwe kuti tine maProfessor aiwa (Do not be intimidated by the composition of the MDC faction which has two professors (Prof Welshman Ncube and Mutambara),” Mutasa said. “Hutungamiriri hauna mhosva nema Professor.

Tine mutungamiriri wedu anoshamisa asiri Professor. (You don’t have to be a Professor to lead a political party. We have our own astute leader [Robert Mugabe] but he is not a Professor.”

“Akakusvika sei kuNASA munhu mutema iko kusingasvikwe nemabhunu? Hakusi kudzidza kwete. Ndeumwe wevatungamiriri akati asvika ikoko akaiswa mupoto dzekubikwa nanaBush. Vanobikwa neCIA kana vaibva vonzi dzokerai kumusha kwenyu munotungamirira. Zvino unonga uchitungamirira vanhu vako here kana kuti vaBush? (How did he work for NASA? A black Zimbabwean! There are highly qualified whites that can work there! He was working under the CIA and they have indoctrinated him and now they have asked him to return to his country to act as a front for the US.”
Apparently Mutambara is not that great after all.

It's clear now that if you happen to oppose ZANU-PF you better not have been abroad especially in West, they'll brainwash and fix you there right? Except for one thing; Mugabe and really all his cronies including Mutambara had garnered a notorious reputation for globetrotting and spending millions in Europe's finest malls. That was all put to an end by the targeted sanctions. Not to mention that most of Zimbabwe's gentry have their children educated in the West, mainly the US and England. Did I mention that that most of the Ph.D's flaunted by Zimbabwe's ministers were earned at American and British schools?

So what was wrong with Mutambara's education and work experience in the west? And even though he didn't have a western education, Tsvangirai has still earned the "western traitor" label.

These people will tell whatever shameless lies it takes to stay in power.

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