Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Land of Ironies

I think I've touched on this theme before. Zimbabwe is not only a hungry, poor, and repressed nation, we are apparently also a very confused nation.

How else do you explain a propsed increase of up to 770% electricity cost even though most people in the country's urban areas cannot remember the last full week they went without enduring lengthy blackouts.

How else do you explain the trial of the trustees of the country's would be only independent radio station while the board in charge of encouraging new players to get involved in broadcasting has just been summoned to face a parliamentary committee.

How else do you explain the ruling ZANU-PF fundraising using diction like,
"Let us invest in Zanu PF to day in order for our heritage to achieve success as a great nation in future."
What? ZANU-PF talking about a "heritage" of "success" for the nation? When they have destroyed the country's hopes of a decent futures in so many ways?

Finally, how else do you explain long lines for bread even after a 30% increase in the price of bread?

These are the times we live in.

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