Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Keeping Track of Emerging Sites

A conversation I had has prompted me to update my links. As I am working on that, I am realizing it long was time for that. There a lot new Zimbabwean news sources onthe web, many of them are coming to my links section soon. Some of the newer sites I will be adding include:

-ZimCanada, a news based community of Zimbabweans in Canada

-Zimbabwejournalists, the network of Zimbabwe's displaced journilists

-Zimdaily, self proclaimed "Best Zimbabwean daily on the web"

-HIVAIDSZimbabwe, an intellectual forum dedicated to discussing all facets of the HIV/AIDS pandemic, a network of Zimbabweans in the diaspora, a site dedicated to racial equality in Zimbabwe

All of these sites carry a lot interesting information about Zimbabwe. If you know of more Zimbo sites, please let me know.

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