Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Moyo: "We Must Confront ZANU-PF"

Fallen star, Jonathan Moyo, Zimbabwe's most cruel information minister came out of the woodwork bluntly telling all Zimbabweans that there is no way of getting beyond ZANU-PF. The former information minister who claims to have ousted himself from ZANU-PF is now the lone independent MP representing his home district of Tsholotsho. Speaking to SW Radio's award winning Violet Gonda yesterday, Moyo intimated that Zimbabwe cannot avoid dealing with ZANU into perpetuity because the party is too closely wound up in the nation's history.

The turncoat politician infamous for crafting AIPPA Zimbabwe's draconian access to information law, was still incorrigible for the havoc he brought down on journalism in Zimbabwe saying, "there are some elements in the media I did not agree with then that I still do not agree with now." And when Gonda asked him why he had agreed to her interview request when he refused to talk to her numerous times during his tenure in government, Moyo proudly shotback telling Gonda it was her who continued to seek him out not the other way around.

The whole interview is really infuriating, hear for yourself here (Windows Media Player.)

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