Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Changara's Death; I Smell Something Fishy

Controversial Mugabe aide de camp, Winston Changara is no more. The long serving presidential guard was reported dead late yesterday in a story first broken by Zimonline. A cause of death as yet to emerge even though all the reports that have been published seem to speculate that Changara succumbed after a long illness.

I am very uncomfortable with the reality of Changara's death. It reeks of yet another life brutally snuffed out by Mugabe. In his early fifties, Changara was too young to die. There no reports yet that back up my suspicions yet, but as Jonathan Moyo will tell you, "let posterity be the judge."

I'm not much of a conspiracy theorist, but it doesn't take much intuition to stir up unease over the murky background surrounding Changara's death. Mr. Changara, a long serving bodyguard to Mugabe, was demoted to the shameful commisioner's pool last October after Zimbabwe's second first lady refused to go on an Asian trip if he was going. The unpopular first lady levied accusations of sexual overtures against Changara adn claimed that she didn't feel safe travelling with him.

Spurned by several weeks spent doing menial tasks often under the supervision of junior office, Changara a former Senior Assistant Commisioner in the police force, hit back. He claimed that the real reason Grace wanted him ousted was because he was aware of her infidelity and had threatened to spill the beans to her brutally jealous husband.
"He plainly told them that he was being fixed by the First Lady because he had threatened to spill the beans and let the President know of her affairs.

Changara said Grace wanted him removed from near Mugabe because this was the only way to make sure he would never be close enough to her husband to tell him that she was seeing other men.
Shortly thereafter, Changara, who was reported to be very bitter and contemplating quiting the force altogether was surprisingly reinstated to his former glory just weeks ago. Rumors of his intentions to quit the force even persisted after he had been given back post. Now he is dead.

Need I mention that Mugabe is accused of killing many of his most trusted henchmen upon the faintest suspicions that they were becoming a threat to his domain? Nor shall I bring up the fact that Harare has long been rife with rumors that Mugabe killed Peter Pamire a dazzing businessman in the nineties because of being Mugabe's only competitor for Grace's love. There have also been numerous speculations that fugitive businessman James Makamba was recently hounded out of Zimbabwe by Mugabe after the latter caught wind of a longstanding affair between Makamba and Grace. Hear ye lustful Zimbabwean men; Mugabe is a fierce lover!

It seems clear to me, the empire is crumbling from within.

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