Friday, March 24, 2006

Desperate Measures for Desperate Times

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out just how bad things are in Zimbabwe, but since it's taken them that long to figure it out, here's a sampling of how ZANU-PF is adjusting to this imposing reality. First up is the government which authored and presided over the worst agricultural adjustment project probably in the history of history.

They've now decided to go global with their realization that we need food aid in Zimbabwe despite above average rains this season. Oh, did I mention that this agricultural season is riding high on the back of end of the land resetlement program? All this while triple-portfolio minister, Didymus Mutasa continues his tyrades against any and all opposition. ZANU-PF is calling for charges against Tsvangirai for his calls for civic resistance over the weekend. So let's see, they realize they've led the nation into crisis, but refuse to be contrite, and remain as vindictive as they have ever been? Good propects for the future huh?

How about this: the same Mutasa who has too much government in his hands is also taking the law into his hands.
ZIMBABWE'S National Security Minister Didymus Mutasa on Thursday dramatically halted the trial of the editor of Zanu PF's mouthpiece, The Voice.

Lovemore Mataire was facing charges of stealing $6 million from his employers, Jongwe Printers, by ordering the newspaper's street vendors to deposit money from sales into his personal bank account.

But in a dramatic development, Mutasa, who is Zanu PF's secretary for administration, intervened and withdrew all charges before plea.

He gave no reason for withdrawing the charges, and would not say if the charges had been proved to be false or not.

Mutasa filed a withdrawal affidavit, read out Thursday, stating: “I Cde D N E Mutasa do hereby solemnly and sincerely swear/declare the following: in my capacity as the Secretary for Administration for Zanu (PF) Party and one of my responsibilities is to supervise and co-ordinate the efficient administration of the party…which was represented by Cde Nathan Shamuyarira as a complainant in a case involving Cde Lovemore Mataire of theft by conversion have decided to withdraw all charges against him unconditionally with immediate effect and all current court processes should thus fall away."
These are desperate time that require desperate measures, I guess.

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