Sunday, April 16, 2006

Enough is Enough: A New Zimbabwean Democracy Super Blog

We are writing to make you aware of an interesting new project called, “Enough is Enough” ( Enough is Enough is a blog devoted to news and analysis of the African country of Zimbabwe, from the inside out.

Once the “breadbasket of Africa,” in recent decades, under the increasingly tyrannical rule of Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe has become a wasteland. However, in Zimbabwe, activists, including many bloggers, are attempting to reverse that trend. The editor of Enough is Enough, the blogger known as The Zimbabwean Pundit (, is prominent among them.

Enough is Enough was conceptualized, planned and built by the Committee to Protect Bloggers’ ( Curt Hopkins, Marshall Kirkpatrick and Brian Schartz.

Enough is Enough is a translation of the Ndebele phrase,
Sokwanele' and the Shona equivalent, 'Zvakwana.' These are also the names of two cooperating pro-democracy groups in the country and[which Enough is Enough is NOT affiliated with but will collaborate with as necessary]

Zimpundit will write regular postings for the site, which also contains automated feeds of news, blog posts, photos and multimedia files. Enough is Enough is designed to act as a blog aggregator, an information exchange for concerned Zimbabweans within the country, and a “bridge blog” to carry the news in that country (now completely devoid of an independent press) to the outside world.

Stop by and give Zim your support. He and his fellow Zimbabweans have got a long row to hoe.

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