Friday, April 28, 2006

Dreaming of Nepal: A Criticism Zimbabwe's Democratization Mechanism (Part 1)

As I sit here looking at my computer screen I'm dreaming of Nepal. I so badly want the reality they are experiencing to be mine . I want to be able cower my despot into democracy too!

Right on cue, Paramendra Bhagat a native of Nepal pointed me to his blog where he has discussed the "Democracy Spreading Mechanism." You can see where this leading right? This got me thinking; just how well are we doing according to the 21st century democracy revolution standards set by our Nepali brotherhood?

This post is the first in an eight part series where I'm going to present a criticism of Zimbabwe''s democracy movement according to the principles set out by Paramendra in the aforementioned post. If you haven't already done so, you'll need to read the post. Paramendra arranges key components of the democratization mechanism into three categories; domestic, diaspora, and international community. Since this is a "A Criticism Zimbabwe's Democratization Mechanisms," this series will evaluate Zimbabwe by points in the first two categories only. Besides, we all know how "well" the internation community is doing at keeping up their end of the bargain--no need to beat down the dead donkey we call that muchekadzafa--cutting the dead.

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