Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Coltart's procrastinated decision evidence of a crippling pandemic

Apparently David Coltart has finally made a decision about his political future. Not anyone was holding their breath. The prominent lawyer, human rights activist, found MDC member, and, I think, Zimbabwe's sole white male MP aligned himself with the "pro-senate" faction of the MDC. Read his statement here.

Not that anyone was holding their breath.

By his own confession, Coltart was seven months in limbo. Seven months, before acting. Seven months sprinkled with loquacious statements planned to whet the public's interests in him. Seven months of endless mediocre attempts at mediating the crisis all to naught. Seven months this man has had his way with national politics.

But these have also been seven months during which inflation for the first time passed 1,000%. Seven months during which the poverty datum line shot to over 50 million dollars. Seven months during which the not-so-august house Coltart sits in crafted and tabled a new bill aimed at shutting down sites like this very one and eaves dropping on innocent Zimbabwean's conversation. Seven months during which Coltart has contributed nothing towards the national debate. (more...)

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