Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Result of the fuel price hike....

First, medical doctors are on strike because they can't find the fuel they can't afford. They are spending more time in fuel ques than in the hospitals doing their jobs.

Inflation, I mean our hyperinflation, is accelerating again, it's set to his 200% by the end of the year.

People can't afford to work anymore. That's right, this from my Harare based source,
"We are now living hand to mouth, and even that's not working. Since the government gazetted the fuel price increase of over 250%, commuter omnibuses are now charging between ZW$5,000 and ZW$10,000. I have to take two each way to work. How do you want me afford that?

Can you even begin to imagine the ripple effect that this price increase is going to have on everything else? Bread, meat, rent and all that?

The worst part about it is that the price increase doesn't mean that fuel is now available. People are still spening days in long lines waiting for fuel. We're not going to make it this time."

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