Sunday, July 03, 2005

Honorable MP

Former CIO operative and ZANU-PF central committee member, Pearson Mbalekwa quit over what he calls the "callous and unhumane" cleanup operation. This from The Standard;
" Mbalekwa, a former Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) operative, said he "dropped" his resignation letter in Zanu PF national chairman, John Nkomo's office on Friday morning.
"I resigned on Friday, I left the letter in the Zanu PF national chairman's office," said Mbalekwa, whose resignation and boldness has stunned politicians, even in Zanu PF itself.

However, Nkomo said he had not seen Mbalekwa's resignation letter because he was not in the office on Friday.

"I can't say anything at the moment because I have not seen his resignation letter. I don't know whether he resigned," Nkomo said.

However, sources close to the ruling party confirmed that Mbalekwa had tendered his resignation.

In an interview with The Standard on Friday Mbalekwa said his resignation was in protest against the "inhumane and callous manner" in which Mugabe's government conducted the so-called "clean-up" operation."

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