Monday, October 09, 2006

MDC turns seven

The MDC will on Sunday, 8 October 2006, hold its seventh anniversary celebrations at the ceremonial home of people power at Zimbabwe Grounds in Highfield, Harare.

The occasion will attract thousands of MDC supporters both in and outside Harare, provincial leaders from across the 12 provinces as well as national executive and standing committee members. President Morgan Tsvangirai is expected to give the keynote address at the carnival ceremony which will be interspaced with music and drama from various groups.

The MDC was formed in Harare on 11 September 1999 and on Sunday, the party takes stock of its challenges and achievements in the past seven years. On Sunday, we will celebrate seven difficult years under an unrepentant dictatorship. On Sunday, we will celebrate the resilience of the people of Zimbabwe in the face of visible signs of collapse which include a high inflation rate that continues to skyrocket, a collapsed health and education system, a life expectancy of 34 years, massive corruption in all sectors of the economy and an acute shortage of foreign currency for critical imports such as power, fuel and medicines.

The MDC bears visible scars after only seven years in existence. We remember and salute the thousands of our supporters who perished at the hands of Zanu PF such as Learnmore Jongwe, Talent Mabika and Tichaona Chiminya, to mention but a few; we remember the thousands whose houses were burnt and destroyed by this government and the millions who have fled their motherland to seek refuge elsewhere and to work in dehumanising and degrading conditions. We remember the pain and tears of our supporters over the past seven years as Zanu PF went on the rampage across the country and unleashed unprecedented violence on those suspected of sympathising with the MDC.

Ours has been a tough struggle against a dictatorship determined to remain in perpetual combat with the ordinary people of Zimbabwe. The MDC has shown its resilience under one of the most vicious dictatorships and the fact that we are still existing bears testimony to the determination of the people of Zimbabwe to save their country. Our cause is just and we continue to survive the detours, impediments and set-backs authored by the dictatorship.

On Sunday, we will take advantage of the occasion of the party's seventh anniversary to reflect on our challenges and achievements over the years. The MDC is ready to roll out its programmes. There is no doubt that the people shall soon express themselves in a big way against tyranny. We remain committed to to peaceful resolution of the national crisis. We have already tabled our roadmap as our humble submission towards a peaceful resolution of the national crisis that continues to get worse everyday. In any contest with the people, dictators have always come second best. Zimbabwe deserves better. Let's build a new and better Zimbabwe.

Nelson Chamisa, MP
Secretary for Information and Publicity

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