Wednesday, April 27, 2005

As we see it

I blame the MDC for having a "Jesus complex" in this entry. Chido Makunike, whose writings are becoming a regular fixture on the menu at NewZimbabwe seems to think problem lies with entire nation, which he blames for suffering from an outbreak of the "Messiah Complex."

In essence, I agree with Makunike's sense that change, if any at all is to come, must come from within. I however, am a lot more cautious about wholesomely blaming all the people for a languidity we know is rampant. For starters, the people of Zimbabwe are not an ignorant, negligent mass. People's eagerness to "Get up, stand up," as it were, is constrained by a myriad of circumstances which must not be dismissed by the generality that Zimbabweans do not want to save themselves. My countrymen have been hoodwinked--tied down if you will--by a sly and avaricious leadership. See this. The other thing we cannot forget is the role of fear in propping up a teetering tyranny complimented by a tight muzzle on the press.

I've said it before and I'll say it again; we're just as inept as we blame the MDC, ZANU, Zimbababweans of being in our discussion if we fail to empathize with the laity in Zimbabwe while callously diagnosing their every problem from the haven of a sanctuary anywhere outside the country. If we are real about bringing democracy to Zimbabwe, the path we trend must be broken in by those valiant citizens who bear the brunt of burden daily there.

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