Friday, April 15, 2005


The MDC has published a dossier chronicling all of ZANU-PF's systematic and sporadic violations of the electoral process during the parliamentary elections. The document titled "Stolen" states that in order to open up democratic space in Zimbabwe the government must:

"Draft and formulate a new constitution. This exercise must be people driven and conducted in an open, transparent and consultative manner. The new constitution must entrench citizens’ basic freedoms and human rights and provide the anchor for accountable, pluralistic and democratic government.

Stop the use of food as a political weapon. All food must be distributed through commercial outlets where it would be available to all without restriction.

Disband the youth militia and fully restore the rule of law

Ensure that police and security forces are impartial and non-partisan in conducting their duties.

Remove all legal and administrative obstacles with regards to the registration of voters, in particular the stringent proof of residency requirements. All Zimbabwean citizens residing outside the country must have the right to vote.

Amend the Public Order and Security Act (POSA) to fully restore basic rights pertaining to freedom of assembly and association and in particular repeal the clause which obliges political parties and others to inform the police whenever they are planning to hold a meeting.

Amend the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act (AIPPA) to remove the powers of state controlled institutions to close down newspapers and to decriminalize so called ‘false news’.

Immediately allow all closed newspapers (Daily News, Daily News on Sunday, the Tribune and the Weekly Times) to re-open unconditionally.

Ensure fair and equitable access to publicly owned newspapers by all political parties at all times. In addition, these newspapers must be regulated to report without bias.

Ensure that the public electronic media is accessible by all political parties at all times and that there is fair and unbiased reporting by the public broadcaster.

Open up the airwaves and allow private broadcasters to broadcast. This process must be completed within six months.

Depoliticise traditional leaders and provide in law that they are prohibited from playing any active role in politics.

Open up all resettlement areas to all political parties. The ruling party must stop running these areas as organs of Zanu PF by restoring full political freedoms in ALL resettlement areas. There must also be a cessation of all threats of withdrawal of land rights from those who do not wish to be members or supporters of Zanu PF. "

What do you think??

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