Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Madhuku gets it

National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) leader, Dr. Lovemore Madhuku says the only way MDC can remain viable to Zimbabweans is by mobilising them to stand up for their rights. In an interview with Trevor Ncube's Mail & Guardian, the University of Zimbabwe professor said the MDC's future hangs in the balance depending on what they do. Their political future is incumbent on their ability to incite public action against ZANU, they can't go it alone.

Sadly it appears, MDC contintues in it's delusion that it holds the patent to the access of democracy in Zimbabwe. MDC secretary general, Welshman Ncube told a press confrence Wednesday that the MDC is,"going to devise a programme of political action."

MDC must realize that the people won't be held captive to their whimsical planning. The people are facing difficulties which require immediate action.

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