Wednesday, April 20, 2005

"Go east young nation, go east," Mugabe tells Zimbaweans

Mugabe is in Indonesia for the Africa-Asia confrence. Increasingly isolated by the west, Mugabe has turned his attentions to Asian countries finding favor in China, a liberation struggle ally. Reports like this one recount how China has replaced the US and European nations on the "Made in..." label of most wares on sale in Zimbabwe. "After all," Mugabe told Zimbabweans, "the sun rises in the east and sets in the west."

While good for the ailing economy, the Asia inertia impacts the Zimbabwean crisis in a unique way, and deserves delicate and diligent evaluation of it's function in the advance of democracy there and the excaberation of the global "east-west rift."

On the homefront, MDC has "cut" ties with the South African government. Well and good. On behalf of millions of Zimbabweans looking to the MDC for hope I ask, "Of what importance is that to the quest for food, social and physical security?" ....Another case of barking up the wrong tree.

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