Friday, April 29, 2005

Finally they seem to get it.

After declaring their unwillingness to change leadership (see post below), the MDC has now decided they are going to change how they do things. Tapiwa Mashakada, their shadow Finance Minister speaking at a forum in London earlier this week indicated that the MDC is looking for the public to lead Zimbabwe's next revolution. He said;

“In successful revolutions it is the people who drag the leaders along screaming,” he said – and asked “Where does leadership’s role end and people’s power begin?”

See this.

Now we wait for their actions to back these words because as I've said before,

"As long as ordinary Zimbabweans don't hear the MDC championing their cause, for food security, employment and sustained economic growth, MDC can rest assured all the sympathies for them will come from a small minority. And that spells doom for them unless they change the mainstay of their platform and it's not too late to do that yet."

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