Wednesday, July 06, 2005

AU in a bind

After refusing to condemn Mugabe over his cruel cleanup operation (which, by the way is still going on unabated), the African Union decided to send an envoy to Harare to asses the situation. Strange but true. I'm sure a lot of it had to do with the arrival of one Anna Kajumulo Tibiajuka at the behest of another African, Koffi Annan.

Our African brothers decided their venerable AU could not be diplomatically outdone on their continent by the UN hence the emissary who arrived Saturday in Harare, unanounced. The only problem is that they forgot to notify Brother Bob across the Limpopo and south of the Zambezi.

Now Harare officials who've grown too accustomed to affronting any foreign forays in the domestic affairs of Zimbabwe, are refusing to grant the AU emmisary clearance to investigate the situation calling his arrival "uncouth." They are also demanding his withdrawal until his visit is channeled according to proper diplomatic protocol.

The question I must ask is who's worse off here; the regime that quilty of purging it's cities or the union that pays lip service to a cause until push comes to shove or, in this case, the UN sends a fact finding mission?

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