Monday, May 02, 2005

May Day in Zimbabwe; most people still have no Say

Even on a global holiday as innocous as May day, you can count on Zimbabwe's thugs to provide much drama and entertainment. This past weekend's installment comes from yet another witless foray into the spotlight by Joseph Chinotimba.

Joseph Chinotimba, the notorious opportunist infamous for leading farm invasions in Zim over five years ago was back in the news again over the weekend. This guy is the paragon of the workings of ZANU-PF's cronysm. A former driver and guard for the Harare City Council, he was let go (by an MDC dominated council) after he spent a year AWOL disrupting farming operations across the country. Comrade Jo bounced back at the behest of local government minister Ignatious Chombo's meddling of the affairs of Harare City Council early in 2001.

Once back, his masters over in the government saw to it that this restive figures' destructive propensities were apportioned to their advantage. Chinotimba, whose credentials are suspect emerged as the deputy chair of the Zimbabwe Federatioin of Trade Unions (ZFTU). ZFTU was created by ZANU to rival the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU), which birthed the MDC.

After a walloping defeat in ZANU's primaries prior to the parliamentary elections, Chinotimba has been keeping a low profile.

After the ZCTU staged succesful May day celebrations earlier in the weekend, Chinotimba's ZFTU had their May day bash on May 2. In a ploy to induce the public to turnout for his charade, Chinotimba called officials at the Premier Soccer League (Zimbabwe's most popular league), demanding to have popular Harare side, Dynamos play in a match at his bash. When PSL officials refused to budge, a fuming Chinotimba threatened to bring down the wreath of the politicians he knows upon the officials.

Then there's this. Isn't what Museveni is saying sound eerily familiar?

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