Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Zim government to curb brain drain

There has been a flurry of reports on Zimbabwe, all of which appear highly speculative and come with very little substantiation.

Yesterday it appeared the main headline out of the southern african country was that government intends to stop the brain drain by bonding nationals that graduate from the country's tertiary institutes. It has since emerged that Mugabe is plotting to force feed a "national orientation and ideology" program to all students in all primary through tertiary institutes.

Meanwhile, the government is now expected to back down from its harsh stance on donor agencies and false claims that the country has enough food. Zimonline published a report in which they claim ZANU-PF is extending the arm of reconciliation to farmers both in Zimbababwe and those that were displaced. Wishful thinking.

I got to thinking it must take a bunch of really messed up leaders to plunge a nation into such deep chaos, that one doesn't get an idea of what exactly is going on in the country by reading the headlines. What do you know? NewZimbabwe has reports of an adultreous minister, and
a dying vice president. Then there's this from SW Radio Africa:
"An embarrassing incident that shows just how opposition supporters are being denied food at every turn and how the country remains lawless has been reported by our contacts in Chinhoyi.Believe it or not, in full view of a crowd celebrating Independence Day in Chinhoyi, former mayor and now Chinhoyi MP Faber Chidarikire allegedly hit a counsellor on the jaw then kicked him because he was taking meat that he had not been given! The counsellor, named Muriravanhu from ward 6, publicly threatened to report the incident to the police, and Chidarikire is said to have given him money to keep quiet.The incident may be very funny on the surface, but when you start asking questions about the meat, where it had come from, and who was supposed to get some, the words poaching and discrimination become part of the picture. As Mike Mutasa reports from Chinhoyi, the meat was most likely game that had been killed illegally, and only card carrying ZANU-PF members were invited to come enjoy it while everyone else went hungry."

Zimbabwe's leadership is truly unravelling.

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